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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Configuration TLSServerSocketFactory
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 21:04:35 GMT
Svyatoslav Shymkiv wrote:

> Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> Svyatoslav Shymkiv wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> I have a problem configuring TLSServerSocketFactory in my Avalon 
>>> application. When I try to configure it inside SocketManager block I 
>>> get verification configuration error.
>> A couple of questions:
>>   1. can you post the stack trace your getting?
>>   2. have you tried to do this using merlin?
>> BTW your configuration looks ok to me.
> 1. Stack trace and phoenix.log:

I just took a quick look at the DefaultSocketManager-schema.xml and it 
seems to me that it is saying that no child elements are allowed in the 
factory reference.  I.e. according to the schema the following is ok:

    <factory name="secure" 

But content inside the factory is not.
So its seems to me that either (a) the schema needs to be updated, or 
(b) schema validation needs to be disabled.  I would suggest you disable 
schema validation as this will at least get you past this point. 
Unfortunately I don't know the details re. switching validation on/off - 
but it is there if I remember correctly.

> WARN    2004-04-01 12:31:08.120 [Phoenix.] (): element "ssl-factory" was 
> found where no element may occur at -1

> 2. I haven't tried it using merlin/maven because I don't quite 
> anderstand how it works. But I tried to compile OpenIM and it works 
> confusing me.

Compared to Phoenix its drop dead simple. Take a look at the tutorial 
(which includes dozens of working examples). You don;t even have to 
update you component xinfo files - merlin recognizes and deals with 
these automatically.


 From there - just create an xml file containing a root <container> 
(e.g. my-demo.block).  Add a <classloader> definition, and add the 
<component> elements you want using <component name="whatever" 


   $ merlin my-demo.block

If you need some help just post a note to the users list.

Cheers, Stephen.


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