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From Bruno Dumon <br...@outerthought.org>
Subject Re: [RT] New Lookup mechanism
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 17:44:10 GMT
On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 18:25, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Hi Marcus!
> I've got some general questions about selection that perhaps you or 
> other could fill me in on.  First off - I'm separating out in my head 
> three different things:
>     1. the interface we use for locating something (lets call
>        it Locator for the purpose of discussion)
>     2. the interface used to supply and instance of a Locator
>        to a component
>     3. the sort of information that a component can include
>        in a locate request and the expected behavior of
>        container in resolving such a request
> Item (3) is the thing that IMO needs to be expanded on.  Here is a 
> couple of examples of an invocation followed by a couple of questions. 
> Please not that I'm also not really worried about the argument or 
> signatures just yet - so don't pay any attention to the approach - I'm 
> in information gathering stage!
>    public void someDeliveryMethod( Locator locator )
>    {
>         Map map = new Hashtable();
>         map.put( "color", "red" );
>         Football football = locator.locate( Football.class, map );
>    }
> In the above the component implementation has to assume that a container 
> has been configured such that "color" is understood - i.e. is 
> translatable to something that will help in the determination of the 
> appropriate instance to be returned.
> Possible interpretations:
>    1. color is an attribute of a component type
>    2. colour is an attribute of a service implemented by a
>       a component type

isn't the service already identified uniquely by the interface?

>    3. color is a feature attributed to a component model
>       (i.e. component model x has configuration y and is
>       tagged with attribute color=red)


I think this also comes closest to what selectors offer, which allow the
same implementation class with different configurations to be assigned
different (excuse the word) hints.

>    4. color is an attribute used by a selection handler
>       that knows about the Football class

Maybe, but this requires extra work.

> Some questions:
>    1. if color is understood by a container, but no solution
>       are resolvable - is that a failure or is the container
>       obliged to return at least some football


>    2. which leads to the question .. should we be describing
>       a Query object instead of a map? E.g.
>         Constraint color = new Constraint( "color" );
>         color.setRequired();
>         color.setValue( "red" );
>         locator.locate( Football.class, new Query[]{ color } );

don't know.

As Carsten pointed out, it might well be that a simple key assigned to a
component model is all we need. Until know, I haven't encountered the
need for more complex queries yet (but also hadn't thought about the

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