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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@d-haven.org>
Subject Zen Framework (was Re: [avalon] roadmap)
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 16:13:38 GMT
Something radical, and a bit different:  The Zen Framework.

The Samarai had a concept called "No Mind".  Essentially you empty your mind of
everything, and let your body flow naturally.  In this state, you just work.
When you start to try and influence your movements based on conscious thought,
it is too slow and not fluid enough to fight a skilled warrior.

In order for this to work the Samarai has to train hard so that all his
techniques are in muscle memory.  Nevertheless, when they were in battle, they
seemed as if they had a sixth sense or an intuition about what you were going
to do.

Think about it.  How much conscious effort do you have to apply to use Avalon
right now?  I mean, how long does it take before we realize that there is an
awful lot to remember to set up and use Avalon?  The build is complex.  Setting
up the container is complex.  Embedding it is complex.  Wiring the components
together is complex.  Why?  Because there is too much reliance on esoteric
things.  When you combine a hard meta model, a hard component/container
contract, a number of things happening under the hood with a few configuration
files, the actual use of Avalon is not as pleasant as it otherwise could be.

Learn from Pico Container, Jicerilla, Spring framework.  They did the simplest
thing that can work, and they have something that can fit or be adapted to fit
anyone's preferred style of programming.

Start with something simple that works.  Build with that design concept in mind
until you just can't fit it in anymore.  We have JDK 1.5 available, and it can
remove the reliance on a number of libraries we currently have.  If Avalon 5 is
to come out of that, let's leverage Java 1.5.

Let's invent a new concept: "No Framework"

If we don't do it here, then I will pursue it over at D-Haven.

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