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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <cziege...@s-und-n.de>
Subject RE: [avalon] roadmap - library criteria
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 22:30:24 GMT
Aaron Farr wrote: 
> Also, I would like to look into the Cocoon base again (it's 
> been a _long_
> time) and see exactly where and how you're using 
> ECM/Fortress.  Is Fortress being used in the latest release(s)?
No :) The latest release is in the 2.1.x branch (2.1.4) and still
uses ECM - which is for us absolutely perfect by the way. The only
annoying thing is that we have one big configuration file for
all components.

The new version 2.2 which development has started some months ago
and which will take some more months to get finished starts using
Fortress. But it's not fully migrated yet due to the configuration
problems I mentioned. If we move completly to Fortress we are
not compatible to 2.1.x. If we are compatible, we could stay with
ECM anyway :) (A little bit simplified but more or less this is
the current problem).


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