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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject [migration] questions on the roles file
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 00:10:07 GMT

 From the Cocoon CVS:

<xroles xpath="/role-list" 
   <role name="org.apache.cocoon.webapps.portal.components.PortalManager"

Some questions:

1. is there a formal specification of the <xroles> element somewhere?
2. presumably the "xpath" attribute combined with the "unless" attribute 
represent a precondition to service selection - it that correct?
3. the <role> element represents a request for a service and the service 
interface is declared under the name attribute
4. the <role> shorthand attribute is a pointer into a config file for 
the component configuration
5. default-class attribute identifies a class, but it's name implies 
that is not necessarily what is returned

Some observations:

The above looks to me like the declaration of two things mixed together.

   1. Firstly there is the expression of a requirement for
      a service using a model that enables conditional

   2. Secondly the role element appears to be mapping a
      candidate service to a candidate implementation class
      together with a configuration reference

Some initial thoughts:

The above approach simply does not translate to the logic used in 
Merlin.  Under Merlin you would do something like:

   <component name="portal-manager"
       <!-- whatever is in the config file with an
            element named shorthand -->

But this is kind of academic because in Merlin is you request a service 
Merlin will auto-locate it for you using meta info.  So what we can do 
is go back to the original declaration and try to separate the request 
and solution information.  I've left out the "unless" clause because (a) 
I don't know what the expression means, and (b) it smells of 
implementation specifics (but we can revisit that).  Here is a 
configuration fragment that seems to me to reflect the same thing:

   <xroles xpath="/role-list">

So moving on - how does the above fragment relate to merlin.  Currently 
in merlin you can select a component that will provide a service by 
referencing its address.  The address is simply a sequence of container 
names ending with the component name - e.g. /xxx/yyy/my-component. 
However, that is not sufficient for what you want to to here.  You need 
to be able to establish a component that is doing query resolution based 
on a supplied configuration argument (assuming I'm interpreting this 

For example:

   <component name="xpath"

The XpathProcessor component would be responsible for evaluating the 
xpath expression and interacting with the container model to select the 
appropriate component model and return a service instance from that model.

Am I on the right track here?



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