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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Finally!
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 19:06:40 GMT


avalon-excalibur FINALLY builds from scratch, with a single 
    maven multiproject:install

1. Everything in avalon-excalibur builds! Including ECM, compatibility, and 
unit tests.

2. All intra-excalibur dependencies are set to the current version. No 
excalibur downloads required for build.

3. Everything is updated to avalon-logkit ver 2.0. This required a potential 
incompatibility in Fortress ContextManager.java, where Log4JConf were used in 
a catch() clause, which I bluntly removed, and the fallback is to a LogKit 
logger instead. (Anton, is that OK?)

4. All unit tests pass, except ONE, DefaultDOMHandlerFactoryTestCase in 
xmlutil. I have been tinkering with the code, but can't get the namespace to 
work. Help appreciated. Meanwhile, it doesn't fail on that error.

5. No more cyclic dependencies.

Please note that avalon-logkit needs to be built before excalibur;
    cd avalon-logkit
    maven jar:install

One major step and heaps of tiny changes had to be made to make this at all 
possible, without breaking anything.

I have copied (with history) avalon/fortress to avalon-excalibur/fortress, and 
restructured the content to remove these endless cross/cyclic dependencies, 
and cvs-removed avalon/fortress.

Anyone having a problem with the changes required to make this possible, feel 
free to roll back and make a build system that
1. Requires a single command per cvs module, 42 build commands are not 
2. Builds under Gump without failures.
3. Solves the cross-dependency between "avalon" and "avalon-excalibur".
4. Solve the cross/cyclic dependencies within the Fortress package.

I still have more work to do, mainly 
1. Create/validate equally simple system for other build targets/goals.
2. Make sure Gump works, as soon as the Gump folks gives thumbs up that the 
recent problems has been solved.
3. Translate any remaining xdocs from forrest...

Any problems, please report ASAP.

|   http://www.bali.ac         |
|  http://niclas.hedhman.org   |

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