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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject My road ahead
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 07:26:48 GMT

HI gang,

Stephen have asked me to clarify why I have decided to take a break from 

I will leave out the 'nasty bits' to avoid any further confrontation and focus 
on the positive bits.

First of all, noone is chasing me away. I am tired of in-fighting which 
doesn't lead anywhere, so much is true, but my decision to take a break is at 
least as much technology-driven (as explained below) as it is 

Avalon started out as the "Apache Server Framework" and has over time tried to 
adopt the Component Oriented Programming paradigm. Avaloners promote COP, but 
IMHO Avalon is very far from a COP reality, and without understanding what 
COP is all about, it will not be possible to strive for a better future.

I have tried to ignite some vision into Avalon on what COP's ultimate goals 
are about and how we can reach there, only to spiral down the "Container 
War", "Light vs Heavy" and "Legacy vs Future" abysses that this community is 
so good at creating.

I have also concluded that OSS (over mailing lists) is not a good model for 
working out new specifications, but great to implement them and to evolve 
products that does not have an interoperability requirement.
It is not really practical to proceed with specification works by mail in long 
feedback cycles and a dozen people tearing every single little detail into 
shreds, for whatever reasons.

COP is all about interoperability. Specifications are key to a success, and I 
think that one must start working out all the underlying specifications to a 
fairly great detail. It is a long and hard journey, and I don't feel like 
many Avaloners are ready to travel with me.

My conclusion is, Avalon is not the forum to work out specifications for COP. 
I have not found any better forum either, so I am starting on my own, and 
will spend several weeks (maybe more) to nail down many COP related issues 
and then publish my findings, here and elsewhere.

The first round of goals are;

1. A definition of COP.
2. A Specification Framework Model.
3. A initial set of Specifications addressing all the relevant areas of COP.
4. A COP Infrastructure project, which allows for publishing and usage of 

The second round of goals are;

1. A Reference Implmentation of a Runtime Executable (we have been calling it 
a container). The RI to comply with the Initial Specification Set.
2. IDE integration tools for creation, usage and publishing of components.
3. A Search-Engine for components.

If you feel that your thinking is in line with mine, and would like to be part 
of the long and ardeous journey, drop me a mail or contact me by ICQ#7643698.

|   http://www.bali.ac         |
|  http://niclas.hedhman.org   |

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