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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: More on contract strength (was Re: Unifying Vision)
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:09:16 GMT
On Wednesday 10 March 2004 22:37, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> I am all in favor of *controlled* contracts.  They provide a reasonable
> foundation to build with, and yet still alow for some amount of
> flexibility. No-one on this list has ever advocated complete hippy
> free-bird approach to development.  I don't think that has ever been a
> question.

Are you suggesting that the 4 (out of 4 possible) different lookup semantics 
of ServiceManager is a desirable result of 'flexibility'?  If so, we are on 
different trains, and will end up at different destinations...

>To provide a useful
> physical analogy, many bolts on an engine are specified to only be torqued
> so much.  If they are torqued to much (tightened down for our ESL folks),
> then the bolt will either break or cause damage to the engine.  

Your analogy (IMHO of course) sux big time. To use the same analogy, we are 
talking about "How big is the hole, plus/minus a particular tolerance?", and 
the answer you want to convey to the users is "Measure it for this particular 
hole (container) and make the bolt (component) fit accordingly."

> I think that is where we seem to be talking accross each other.  


> You come
> off as sounding like you favor totalitarian contracts when I favor
> something that doesn't restrict me too much.  

Well, if buying a M8 bolt will fit an M8 nut, is a totalitarian attitude, YES 
then I fit into that category.
Let me give you another analogy; My parents bought a house, an old houers, 
where each window was manufactured on-site in accordance to the size of the 
hole that the brick-layers estimated with their eyes as 'reasonable'.
When we moved there, my parents had a nightmarre trying to match 
"standardized" sizes to each of the 46 windows of different sizes.

Freedom to flex standards only benefits the handicraft guy, and work against 
both consumers and industrialists.

Cheers, I have a train to catch...

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