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From "Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira (Engenharia - SPO)" <hamilton.olive...@agenciaclick.com.br>
Subject [Avalon Meta] [short RT] Attributes/Object model
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 14:39:29 GMT

Despite all the ego-conflict in recent discussions I also believe the
attributes defined in the meta package today is almost everything we need
for any container implementation [1]. I think having an object model that
describes the components is a necessity for any container.

However the way meta is collected and stored could be different for any
container. The current implementation is Merlin specific (xinfo/xprofiles
don't fit in other worlds) so looking at the fine post from LSimons
(http://jroller.com/page/lsd/20040304#rethinking_attributes), the way info
is collect can be plugged. 

By using this approach no tools for "bridge" everything != Merlin to
standard Meta would be necessary. The pros and cons of using
commons-attributes should be brough to the table, also the fortress
approach. Nobody would get hurt or killed :-)


[1] I don't see an usage for Version attribute of Service/Component tag, and
Service tag either. The meta could be a simple set of *simple* attributes,
and be extended by those who want it. By now, these information can be made
optional in the object model, and we go from there. 

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