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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: More "academic" ideas [Was: [VOTE] New sandbox project]
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:19:57 GMT

> From: Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira (Engenharia - SPO) 
> Ok, so something like:
> Creation -> Logging -> Configuration -> yadayada -> Startable 
> -> Shutdown
> Pretty strange. 

In the current state of my experiment, I have Handlers that
ensure that the steps are applied in the right order - for example,
an A4 handler will apply Logging -> Contextualization -> Config ->
-> Initialize -> etc..., a PicoHandler will do something different.

The handlers then allow for extensions to plug in where appropriate
*for the component type*. So for A4 that'll be before initialize() 
(OK, *I* think that's the right spot), and for Pico just after the 
constructor returns.

I also allow interception of access to the component. This means that
a security aspect can *know* that the component B is being used
by A, and apply the right security settings.

> Not at all. Just saying that despite LS effort - we all thankful to 
> this - we *may* modify it until everyone feels comfortable.

Of course! I'll be surprised if it *isn't* modified. I want everyone
to feel comfortable, knowing that they will get an end result that's

Trust me, this container will be developed in community or not at 


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