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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Begging for releases
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:36:46 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> new release for the following subprojects:
> excalibur-component
> excalibur-sourceresolve
> excalibur-store
> excalibur-xmlutil
> fortress-container
> fortress-tools
> excalibur-logger
> I would release them but two things are preventing me:
> a) a pmc vote is required (right?)
> b) I can't build the releases as the build process is not working for me
> So, what do you think?

all we need is a release manager, and some people willing to do some work.


(latter may be somewhat out of date, I'm not sure)

I got like 60% of the work for doing a release cycle of the stuff you 
need done a while ago, but that kinda stalled since there weren't enough 
people volunteering to help do some things. See 
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=avalon-dev&m=106838627008920&w=2 and 

Don't worry about item (a)...if someone gets out quality release 
candidates it should be just a formality.


- Leo Simons

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