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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT] Notification pattern has interesting effects on IoC
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:00:39 GMT
Leo Sutic wrote:
>>From: Alex Karasulu [mailto:aok123@bellsouth.net] 
>> If you can centralize the event->method call 
>>transformation logic or event generate it from declarative 
>>meta data your really phat!
> There's a general way of doing this:
> Use a dynamic proxy.

yep. Here's a reasonably generic way to do it manually:


and here's such a dynamic proxy:


I kinda forgot why I dropped the dynamic proxy thing. I even made a 
configurable version at some point:


its not difficult to imagine a container plugin that sets up these 
proxies based on, for example, an "async this" attribute. I even got 
halfway to doing just that with commons-sandbox-attributes & pico...


...its also possible to do this with an AOP framework. I think I did 
something like this using AspectWerkz, but I don't think I ever saved it 

But it starts getting close to a magic fountain real quick :D

XMLRPC, SOAP, etc, all those are also rather general ways of handling 
event<->method call transformations. I don't like most of em :D


- Leo Simons

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