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From Timothy Bennett <exterminat...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Idealization was: Yet another IoC Article
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 00:22:33 GMT
hammett wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Timothy Bennett" <exterminatorx@comcast.net>
>>IMO the single biggest issue with avalon technology.  So much discussion
>>and time spent on how avalon technology is going to support components
>>from other IOC versions or non-avalon containers, and even our own
>>containers with the avalon community cannot reuse components.
> Timothy, this is a very simplistic point of view. We can't just change
> things away and whish luck to ours users. If you find an easy and smooth way
> of Fortress adapts to Meta package, for example, we'll be glad to apply the
> patch.

Didn't mean to imply that it is a simple task to migrate all containers 
to a common meta model, and I apologize, Paul, if my comments seemed to 
over-simply that.  I suspect that the reason it hasn't happened yet is 
indeed because it is a daunting task, and everybody has better things to 
do than tackle that job.  Your point is well received.

Yet, it still remains a reality that none of the containers developed 
within the community so far use the same meta model, and that's a 
barrier to component reuse, whether or not an easy and smooth way exists 
to migrate all containers to a common model.  When a spec comes after 
some systems have already been built, it is always much easier to build 
new systems on top of the spec, than to bring the legacy systems up to 

The reality is that Fortress and Phoenix meta-model adaptor plug-ins for 
Merlin are probably more realistic than re-factoring Fortress and 
Phoenix to incorportate avalon-meta.  If this is the case, then see my 
response below..

>>Abominable and embarrassing.  We need to our house in order IMO before
>>taking on component interoperability outside of avalon.
> Nope, we don't.
> <opnion>
> If Merlin's future is a really decoupled infrastructure, then we'll end up
> with a tiny and easy container with a lot of pluggable facilities. If this
> day arrive we - at avalon - won't need another container.
> </opnion>

If that opinion of Merlin holds true, and there is no uniform consensus 
to migrate all containers to a common meta model, then why don't we just 
put a roadmap in place to sunset the legacy containers, and as a 
community stop encouraging new avalon component developers to use these 
legacy containers and build/port components against their meta-models?

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