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From Cameron Fieber <came...@fieber.ca>
Subject Re: [merlin] JMX MBean generator facility
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 02:27:09 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> > With regards to #1 I was planning on looking at the avalon-meta 
> stuff to
> > figure out how to
> > add support for a new component level tag to declare a management
> > interface, then figuring
> > out how to propagate that information down into the ComponentModel in
> > Merlin.  I was
> > thinking @avalon.mx type="interface-name" since it's similar to what 
> was
> > in Phoenix.
> Yes. Actually, I was thinking of supporting both the standard MBean as 
> well as
> Dynamic MBean, meaning the component can either expose its own management
> methods, or delegate to a separate class.
> Let us help you getting the meta in place. I guess it will take some 
> "debate"
> among the people here...
Sounds good.   As a first step, supporting the Phoenix style of 
specifying the
management interface and generating the MBean via introspection would be
good, since that's what is currently there.

> > As for #2, it seems wrong to have the management interface for a
> > component exposed as
> > one of its service interfaces.  Is there a way to go from the
> > ComponentModel of a component
> > to a non-proxied reference without forcing the particular component to
> > never be proxied? 
> I'll need to take a look at your code, but the principal answer is yes.
> However, I think you will need a reference to the appliance or the
> ContainmentModel, so I'll need to take a bit look at your code first.
I believe I have a reference to the containment model, I'll see what I
can find in there.

> Give me a few days to review the code, and see what we can do with it.
Sounds great, thanks again :-)

> Then there might be some legal stuff. We are not supposed to accept code,
> unless the contributor have signed a Contributor License Agreement. We'll
> take that when we get there...
Most of the code was just ripped from the Phoenix codebase anyways.  I
wouldn't have a problem signing a Contributor License Agreement either.


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