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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PMC:VOTE] release process for cocoon deps
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:10:26 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> So, you say: if I will be the release manager and but some candidates
> somewhere, noone will stop the release? That would be great!

There is nothing new here - that's how it was in the past - that's how 
it is today.  If you want to make something happen - just do it.  Don't 
be preoccupied with the idea of having everyone on board - you won't. 
But you are welcome to think about issues that are raised.  Yes - I have 
some issues.  Sure - it would probably help me if I had more information 
about the real Cocoon/Avalon dependencies, and more information about 
ECM/Fortress specific component plans.  I also think there are some 
improvements that should be undertaken before a release.


    This is the deprecated ECM utility. A variant of ECM is
    used in the Cocoon project. There are no plans for the
    evolution of this product here in Avalon. Fortress is for
    all intensive purposes ECM/2.  Before considering the
    release of ECM - can you provide details on the reason
    for the release? Are there bug fixes? Do any of the
    changes impact Fortress?


    This component is a small persistence utility. It provides
    a memory store, a file store, and a store based on JISP
    2.5.1 (license details concerning 2.5.1 are not clear but
    JISP 3.0 is GPL). Aside from the javadoc there is no
    supporting documentation and IMO would benefit a lot from
    some simple usage docs.  There is some work to be done to
    bring a few classes in line with @avalon tag spec but based
    on an initial inspection of the code this looks like a
    strait forward exercise.


    This component is pure ECM specific. It is badly
    documented - in fact the only documentation is the javadoc
    and that is insufficient for someone to actually jump in
    and use the product in anything other then a ECM specific
    scenario. This situation is different to the majority of
    Excalibur code. I would be opposed to releasing this
    component as is but would be ok with the bundling of the
    component with a Fortress release.


    A utility that provides simplified wrappers for XML
    parsers, transformers and XPath evaluators.  In its current
    form the package is dependent on excalibur-store, sourceresolver
    (and by implication ECM/Fortress).  However, these dependencies
    are limited to about 3 source files.  With a little refactoring
    the general XML utility code could be made into a container
    independent utility.  With independence from store and
    core utilities could be moved to avalon/util and the remaining
    ECM specific content managed as a ECM specific resource (possibly
    bundled with Fortress).

fortress-container and fortress-tools

    Primary issues to be addressed before a release is to get the
    basic @avalon tag support in place. For example, Fortress tools
    uses a non-standard tag for component naming which is 100%
    redundant relative to the meta tag spec.  Cleaning up the tag
    compliance will then make the release of components such as
    excalibur-store a non-controversial exercise.


    No problem with a maintenance release of this package. There was
    action by Berin to break things out into api/impl separation but
    that was never completed.

Currently both the maven and ant based builds for all of the above 
products are broken - some housekeeping to be done here to get 
respective packages in order before the subject of content release is 



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