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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Jira] Something wrong
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 11:48:13 GMT
hammett wrote:
>>At the top-right of you JIRA screen is a "configure dashboard" link.
>>You can optimize the front page to what you want it to be. You o things
>>like only display specific categories - or only specific projects, etc.
> I'm not talking about how it look. We (the company I work for) are buying
> Jira and just had a presentation from the dealer last week. In my last post
> I said how its usage, but you may ignore it and wait for others to shout.
> Things that should be represent as inner components are represented as stand
> alone projects and that doesnt make any sense.

This question came up during initial JIRA discussions.  Based on 
feedback from JIRA people it was clear that the concept of "project" and 
"component" within JIRA are not what one would first assume.

   A "project" in JIRA is something with a version lifecycle.
   For example  the avalon-repository content (containing
   multiple related artifacts) has its own independent release
   lifecycle, will accumulate multiple referencable releases,
   have an associated road map, etc.

   A "component" in JIRA is not a component in our sense of the
   work - instead it is an aspect of the project such as
   Documentation, Architecture, Implementation, Tools, Build
   System, Runtime, etc.

Clearly something missing in JIRA is the notion of a Product Breakdown 
Structure. For example Merlin is product that contains/references 
multiple products (repo, activation, composition, kernel, logging, 
etc.). But perhaps which is more related to the expected scale of usage. 
  I think the Apache/JIRA experiment is likely to raise some interesting 
feature requirements in the future.



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