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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] RE: MutableConfiguration
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 23:40:04 GMT
On Wednesday 04 February 2004 00:17, Leo Sutic wrote:
> OK. The case is this: I have an application that consists of a central
> kernel and a bunch of plugins. It is configurable via a GUI. Each
> component presents its own GUI - having the kernel auto-generate 
> it is simply not an option due to the degree of interactivity 
> required. Instead, the kernel calls on the component to

Thanks a lot. Things starting to make sense. :o)

Although I would take a different route, on an SoC basis;

I would like to equal this to letting the component provide its own View, 
which I have found is a Bad Idea. It is much better to create a separate 
mechanism for the View, which allows for many alternate solutions as well as 
more advanced views.

In your case, I would create a concept of ComponentConfigurator, which can be 
associated with a component implementation. In fact, one could possibly even 
create a generic one for common simple component cases.

And if this is designed and implemented properly, I think both Fortress and 
Merlin could benefit from it with very little effort.

I believe this to be a much better solution, but I also believe that you might 
say; "Too complicated for this case.". If so, the question would be for the 
community, is your use case really desirable to promote as the way to go. 
Right now, I don't feel like it is.


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