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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <aj...@trysybase.com>
Subject Re: [GUMP@lsd]: avalon/avalon failed
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 23:11:42 GMT
> I have been through it all, and I am somewhat overwhelmed with the amount
> generated output. And some clearance has been achieved, but I think I need
> digest some and perhaps get some hands-on experience.

I hear you, and thanks for making an attempt. I want to make Gump more
available to all, but I know it is overwhleming at first. I think the Gump
Team need to work on this, so this is good feedback that you've given.

> 1. Am I expected to set up Gump on my own system, or how do I go about
> out what is causing the current nags?  Waiting several hours to see what a
> change made is a bit tedious, isn't it?

We used to be lucky in that we had more hosts, and the build window was
shorter. That said, I'd rather not see folks install Gumpy merely to test
out metedata changes. Since today (unfortunately) it is that or wait a day,
I recommend you wait, and just don't worry if it take a while. Gump is meant
to be there today, tomorrow, nex week, next year -- to track changes over
time -- it doesn't matter if it takes a little while to get going.

BTW: I would like Gump to have a server side web app in order to verify/test
metadata, but that is a ways off, at best.

> 2. How do we resolve the current status? We basically have a bunch of
> committers, who are as ignorant as me and doesn't understand Gump, and
> there is Leo Simons, who is busy with all kinds of stuff... :o)

I think that now we (the Gump Team) are aware that this is a community
education/communications issue, we'll do our best to help.



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