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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: MutableConfiguration
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 11:33:25 GMT

> From: Niclas Hedhman [mailto:niclas@hedhman.org] 
> What you add today, I and others have to support tomorrow.
> I could vote -1, and then shut up, but I try to turn your 
> proposal into 
> something positive, yet getting harassed for it.

So how come you think you have to support my implementation of
configurators, just because I'm adding a MutableConfiguration

*That* is the problem I have. I proposed a MutableConfiguration
interface. I said it ***could*** be used to persist component
configurations. I said I ***might*** implement such persistence
in a certain way. Now you veto my proposal, not based on the
proposal, but because you don't like my *potential* implementation 
of a *possible* use case. It makes no sense, Niclas. 

Note that I *never* said in my proposal that I wanted the 
MutableConfiguration in order to fulfill my use case - I wanted 
it to plug what I perceived to be a hole in the Avalon 
architecture - that we had no interface abstraction for 
DefaultConfiguration. Veto the proposal if you want to, but 
don't drag in things that aren't part of the proposal and veto 
the proposal because of them.

> > A fork would also completely halt any chance of any of my work
> > becoming open source.
> What is this? You are shedding OSS because I am not entirely 
> in favour of the implementation details of a very funky idea 
> (I do like the idea of Configurators)... Are you for real?

No, I'm giving up on getting my implementation of configurators
into Avalon - in the form they are in now, or any form they may 
be. The reason for this is not that you're not 100% in favor of
my proposal, but because I think my proposal has been blocked
unreasonably and that you have dealt with it unfairly.


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