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From "hammett" <hamm...@uol.com.br>
Subject [Avalon#] Current status
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 14:41:43 GMT
Everything should be in the CVS by now. The Avalon# container is not
working - or even compiling - instead it should be viewed as a piece of
blank paper :-)

- The first goal is to have Logging initialized using the
Composition.Logging package

- The second goal is to use Data.Builder and Data assemblies to make Avalon#
read configurations like that (see comments in the xml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

  <!-- Sample configuration used by ContainerConfigurationTestCase -->

 <container name="test-block">

    Don't know if we will need this, cause we can't really export
   services due the Proxy limitations in the plataform.
   But this won't be a problem when CGLIB4Net begins :-)
   <service type="org.apache.avalon.composition.model.testa.A">
   <service type="org.apache.avalon.composition.model.testd.D">

    Here we need to know if all features must be supported, if this worth
    We need a repository? .Net have a Global assembly cache, do we need
    <fileset dir="lib">
     <resource id="avalon-framework:avalon-framework-impl" version="4.1.5"/>
     <resource id="test:test-d"/>

  <component name="my-component"

    Containers and subcontainers will be great if they don't
    mess things around - like making more complex code.
    Avalon# is intent to be the simplest.

    Complex necessities should be solved be Castle
  <container name="primary">

     <resource id="test:test-e"/>





Small steps, lets see what we can get from here :-)


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