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From Fernando Padilla <f...@interdimensions.com>
Subject BlockThread
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 14:59:33 GMT

Is there any reason why a new Thread is created and then kept around doing 
and endless sleep loop ( sleeping for measely 300 millisec ), for every 
block instanciation?

Could we have the sleep loop be longer ( 10 sec ), and use interrupt to 
wake it up out of sleep if need be?

Could we create a thread for assembly, then another for disassembly?
(if we have the same classloader, this should work right?)

just asking :)  One possible way to design my application is that all 
"plugins" are blocks ( make sense ), but that doesn't make since if I'm 
having many,many "plugins" ( like 1000s, but even 100s of threads is not 
a good idea!! )

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