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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [MERLIN] are service method calls done through reflection ?
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 17:13:20 GMT
korosh afshar wrote:

> Hi All,
> Listening on the developer list this thread caught my eyes.
> Is Merlin's proxying lookup scheme going to be a concern for speed?   
> I mean is what John says a legitimate concern that in order to get the
> most juice out of Merlin, its best to use what Steve is suggesting ?
> I assume what Steve suggests is for optimizing calls to services methods
> if one needs to do that to get more speed.

Optimization is one aspect - but keep in mind that your exposing 
lifecycle interfaces which means that consumers (which you have no 
control over) can potentially do things to your component.  However - 
you can code against this but ensuring that your lifecycle operations 
are only invoked once and throwing an illegal state exception otherwise 
- etc.  Other example of the need for non-proxied component exposure 
include things like org.omg.corba.ORB which is itself a class that is 
acting as a big proxy to an underlying implementation.

All you need to worry about is a little defensive programming on the 
lifecycle stage operations - but aside from that - no problem.


> Korosh.
> On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 01:12, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>john lukar wrote:
>>>I can be making 100's of
>>>such method calls on my service per second and speed
>>>is important.
>>What you can do is disable proxy generation for a particular component. 
>>  This is needed sometimes for objects that are themselves acting as 
>>proxies.  The solution is to include the attribute key 
>>"urn:activation:proxy" with a value of "false" in the xinfo <type> 
>><info> <attributes> element.
>>For example:
>>   <info>
>>     <name>simple</name>
>>     <lifestyle>singleton</lifestyle>
>>     <attributes>
>>       <attribute key="urn:activation:proxy" value="false"/>
>>     </attributes>
>>   </info>
>>   :
>>This is not tied into the meta-info generation at this time (we still 
>>need to add generic attribute handling) - so you going to have to 
>>maintain the xinfo file manually and make sure it is included into the 
>>target/classes directory after the avalon:meta and before the jar:jar 
>>goal.  BTW - there is an example of this in one of the test cases in the 
>>activation impl package. Just search for "urn:activation:proxy".
>>>thanks for information on this.
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