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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [MERLIN] New "launch" parameter?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 13:41:04 GMT
J Aaron Farr wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 00:22, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>The one caveat I can think of would be figuring out the type of resource,
>>>since it could be a jar (with embedded block.xml) or one of those .bar
>>>things that Stephen had once.  I'd prefer to just reference an XML page
>>>since that requires less network traffic.  So maybe:
>>>      merlin -launch appGroup:appName:type-VERSION
>>I agree with the XML reference.  But perhaps it might be worth keeping
>>the type incase you switch the way you access the directory of 
>>applications at your disposal :-).  Or better yet what about using a 
>>URL instead?
> A URL is definitely an option.  In fact, that's where the idea kinda
> started.  As Niclas pointed out, you can already do something like:
>   merlin -execute http://myserver.org/myCoolProject/block.xml

Seems to me that we have two options here:

   Artifact spec

If we use a url we are not going through the repository, instead we 
would need to setup a separate cache with an index that keys resources 
against url.

If we use the artifact spec then we need to establish a more complete 
specification that what is currently recognized by Merlin.  Currently 
you can select the merlin implementation using an artifact spec, but 
this has two associated problems:

   a) the spec external form currently uses [group]:[name];[version]
      but the ";" character is problematic on a unix command line
      unless quoted (but this isn't a problem when used in a
      properties file)

   b) the spec external form does not provide a way of declaring the

I'm currently thinking that a separate url cache would be better.


p.s. Thanks to Alexis for the note on the ";" issue

> The idea of using the other naming approach (more of URN than URL) is
> that:
>    - It follows the same naming conventions in the block.xml
>    - It works well with the whole repository idea 
>      (and makes the repository transparent)
>    - If you have more than one repository, it should protect
>      against failing to hit one of the servers
>    - It makes it easy to handling Merlin caching the resource
>      for offline use (ie- a SNAPSHOT approach will work if nothing else)
> But I'm sure it isn't perfect.


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