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From "Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira (Engenharia - SPO)" <hamilton.olive...@agenciaclick.com.br>
Subject Re: [Avalon#] Current status
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:27:09 GMT

Hello !!!

Yes, the container is not working. Well, the best definition for it is 'its
being re-written'. I dig in into it, refactoring the source code but
realized that almost everything I had to build for implementing the Meta
Package was already implemented in the Composition package. So I spent the
last weekends working on the Composition package to get it working on CLI.
Its working now, but stills needing the test cases.

The big differences between Java and .net version regarding Composition and
Meta package will be:

- There is no need for Version in this object model
  Version are handled/checked by the runtime (no need to double check)
- All members that refers to classnames have been converted to System.Type
  We don't have classloaders, so there is no need to worry about that.
- System ContainmentModel
  No need for that in Avalon#, maybe in Castle.

The container configuration should follow the block.xml definition in
Merlin, so will end up having:

    <assembly>Assembly name that will be loaded and scanned</assembly>


Now, about the build scripts... I have to upload some code to
AvalonFramework repository. Its not syncronized with my home computer
contents. Please hold on. :-)

The Castle is not being build yet by the castle.build, instead only the
CastleMX is build. It should work... My fault but I used a 'last stable
release' of NAnt and seems that they have changed again the
'property-exists' and other related functions. I'll check it again tonight.

I'm using log4net version beta 8 and NUnit 2.1 - the same there?

Best regards,

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Sergey Fadeev [mailto:sfadeev@yarpivo.ru]


I've checkout the latest Avalon# sources from the cvs and see the following

    Build : Success
    Tests : Success
    Build : Success - with minor changes
    Tests : Failed - NPE in DependencyHandlingTestCase.ContainerTestCase

    Build : Failed - error in NAnt build script, looks like I'm using
            the wrong version on NAnt.

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