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From Alex Karasulu <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject RE: RE: [VOTE] RE: MutableConfiguration
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:37:59 GMT

Ok this is getting too complex for me.  I figured a MutableConfiguration is
one that can change regardless of who is doing the changing.  We have to
presume anything can be inducing the change.  Any time a configuration 
changes the component responds to those changes whether or not it itself 
has induced those changes.

> then we are talking about a third interface. See:
>   Configuration: A configuration that *you* can't change, 
>                  and that *doesn't* change.
>   MutableConfiguration: A configuration that *you* can 
>                         change. (And that changes, because of that.)
> What you want is something like "DynamicConfiguration":
> A configuration that *you* can't change, but that the container *can*
> and presumably *will* change.

I see the angle through which you're looking at this but is there really
a need to a DynamicConfiguratin? To me the fact that mutator interfaces
were exposed to the configurable component were not as important as 
just being able to have them for a container developer.  However
I can see components altering their configuration leading to Niclas' comment
about the fact that the container gave the config and that's what the component
lives with.

Anyway this does not really matter.  At this point we have a clear veto
on the tech matter so we'll have to rollback.  Let's not stop the discussion 
and there is a good chance here for reaching a consensus.  I still think
there is much to resolve here.  Here are the topics that need to be concluded
upon before the vote should take place:

1).  Is the new interface a violation of IoC since it allows components
     to change their own configurations?
2).  If #1 is not the case then do we need to have change notification 
     on changes to MutableConfigurations?
3).  Do we need MutableConfigurations to have configuration changes induced
     by a container?  Perhaps all that is required is the Reconfigurable
     interface and a way to determine if a configuration is valid (it 
     becomes invalidated when the config changes).  Perhaps a better mechanism
     is to change the Configuration interface to allow for notification of
     change by registering listeners.


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