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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Quick RoadMap around the Block.
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 12:23:27 GMT

Hi everyone,

This is not a pretentious road map, as it is not carved in stone in any way, 
and there are probably stuff I have forgot to add in.

3.2.3 is soon to be voted on and released. Merlin's API is still considered 
unstable and subject to change.

3.3 Is to follow a few weeks later (at the most);
   -  Removal of the Thread promiscousity now existing.
   -  New Thread handling for deployment phase.
   -  API review, for partial stablization of the API.

3.4  We have created a "Ver_3_4" branch in the CVS for all the efforts that 
are now starting to get Merlin 3.4 in order.
   -  Model Level Assembly Refactoring
   -  Codebase Level security, similar to Phoenix.
   -  A Jetty web server as a Merlin extension.
   -  Decoupling of CLI handler version from Merlin system version.
   -  other?

This means that developers (and bleeding users) need to track what happens in 
which branch, and stuff that is added to HEAD is ported to the Ver_3_4 

We also welcome wishes for the 3.4 release, and of course code, documentation, 
art work, jokes, coffee is also very appreciated.


To make a "port" from HEAD to the branch "Ver_3_4", you have the "Ver_3_4" 
code checked out on your local system, then you do;

cvs -q update -r HEAD  <file(s)>

The files on your local system is now updated, and at the next commit, it will 
be written to the branch on the server.

Note that caution should be taken, and files should be updated in "small 
numbers" and preferably manually verified by visual inspection prior to 
If something goes wrong in the above, just delete the whole thing and checkout 
whichever branch again.

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