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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Monitoring
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 06:51:07 GMT

Timothy Bennett wrote:

> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>> Alex, myself, and (AIUI) James Strachan are all of the mind that it 
>> would be
>> very useful, indeed important, for the Avalon container (e.g., 
>> Merlin) to
>> support JSR 77/88 directly.
> So, help boil this down for me in regards to what this means to 
> Merlin.  Is it:
> (1) JMX support for managing merlin and its blocks/components
> (2) an API for dynamically deploying new blocks/applications into a 
> merlin instance.
> I'm confused as to what these JSRs mean to merlin... 

77 (component management) is basically JMX but three aspects here:

  (a) exposure of the merlin kernel as a composite dynamic J2EE application
  (b) support in merlin for component extension of (a)
  (c) support in merlin for JMX server establishment as a container side 

The solution to (a) is partically in place as the kernel can already be 
exposed as a managable bean but this needs to be extended to handle 
exposure of the appliance and blocks that Merlin establishes.  This 
requires more internals dealing with block and appliance listeners - 
i.e. enabling registration and active deregistration of mbeans.

The (b) solution is basically a case of lifting code from Phoneix and 
bringing this in to an extension in the Merlin kernel.  But this 
requires the seperation of the application from system scenario - which 
is comming - already the merlin-impl 3.2 in CVS enables the plugging in 
a system components but its not complete.  So there are a few hoops to 
jump through to complete this properly.

The third item (c) requires block listeners (so you look at this as a 
subset of (b)).

88 (deployment) is much more closely related to the recent work on the 
repository.  We can already do a lot of what 88 calls for - but there 
are some aspects that we are missing - in particular - deployment to a 
target (we are currently limited to deploying to the local machine).  
The 88 subject also touches on the bar file model and the block 
depoyment descriptors as these wouldneed to be exposed as a deplyment 
manager (and associated application factory).



Stephen J. McConnell

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