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From Ulrich Mayring <u...@denic.de>
Subject Re: [proposal] IoC type 3.14 extension to the Avalon Framework
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:00:43 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> ?? Since when can you control the lifecycle ??
> I must have missed that feature/bug ;o)

It's called IOC :-)

In Avalon you can control a component's lifecycle, in type3 you can't, 
because the component decides itself. No way of knowing what it does in 
its constructor. So I actually wonder whether type3 is IOC at all.

>>Curious: what does "more neutral" mean in this context?
> Let's say that Peter Royal, Leo Simons and 400 other developers thinks 
> PicoContainer is a better way to develop components. 400 Type2 component 
> developers think their way is better, and 400 Type 1 ....
> All go about developing their stuff... Resulting in, for the sake of 
> neutrality, 400 components of each type.

Ok, in the original posting it sounded like type3 was "more neutral" 
than the other types and that I did not understand.


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