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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject reducing dependency on me
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:37:23 GMT
Hi gang!

I would like to be a completely optional part of the avalon project (ie 
there should be loads of developer redundancy). ATM, it seems like 
there's a few areas where we lack broad expertise/participation:

* Gump. There should be more people actively monitoring gump output, and 
more people actively maintaining the avalon gump descriptors. In 
particular, active coders should be active build integration 
maintainers, too. Someone should add and maintain descriptors for 
merlin, avalon-sandbox materials, etc, for example. See 

* CVS. With Paul and PeterD gone and PeterR not overly active, we lost a 
lot of cvs hackers. Some people should get somewhat into 'advanced cvs'. 
It'd be a real good idea if we could start using branches, for example. 
See http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/.

* Releases. From memory, the only people who've done avalon releases 
include Berin, PeterD, Paul, me. Steve hasn't quite done it with no 
assistance yet. Paul and PeterD have gone, Berin has little time, so do 
I. Leaving just Steve. I would like to see some fresh release management 
volunteers. See 

* General infrastructure. I think its beneficial if several committers 
lurk on infrastructure@apache.org, are in general well-aware of the info 
posted at http://www.apache.org/dev/, and be proactive in ensuring 
infrastructural matters wrt avalon are handled well. I'm not sure how 
many of us read infrastructure@.

Besides the general redundancy policy, I've observed I don't have as 
much time for coding as I would like. With all the time spent reading 
e-mail, fixing build systems and websites, worrying about licensing, etc 
etc, I don't get around to (for example) massively screwing up merlin 
internals as much as I would like (in fact: not at all). That's bad. So 
my intention is to stop doing as much of the "tech support" as possible, 
leaving that to the people who do the coding as well.

More comments
* In general, JFDI (Just F*** Do It) applies. None of this stuff is 
complex in any way, at least not remotely as complex as some of the 
concepts in avalon itself.

* IMHO, all committers should subscribe to community@apache.org, 
jakarta-general, infrastructure@apache.org and license@apache.org. Not 
that you should read everything or respond to anything, but its good to 
be aware of "the bigger picture" inside the ASF.



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