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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT] Block Packaging
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 13:33:27 GMT
I went back through the archives to read up on the various discussions 
about block packaging we've head over the years. "Deployable Units" and 
"Resource Units" are terms from the recent past; lots of interesting 
thoughts also to be found on the old phoenix-dev@jakarta.apache.org 
mailing list in much older discussions.

An important point that already came up back in 2001 is that block 
packaging is something that is a need that is far from unique to avalon. 
It was suggested several times, from this realization, that some kind of 
packaging/repository project would be started in jakarta-commons, as a 
jakarta subproject, or at least somewhere where many more non-avaloners 
would also participate. That did never work out.

But, there's a difference now. Most of the world is just now realizing 
the potential behind an archive format that's richer than just "jars" 
and "wars", more people are really digging into this area. With IoC, 
SoC, SoAI really gaining steam throughout the java world, it might be a 
good idea to escalate this packaging effort out of the avalon fold and 
into a bigger project.

Maybe in a month or two; but I suggest everyone keeps this broad 
application idea in the back of his head...it'd be nice if we'd have 
packaging products, plugins, etc etc, that can be used even if you think 
avalon (or IoC in general) otherwise sucks.



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