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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject please: mailing list ettiquette!
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 13:06:43 GMT
Hi gang,

having a hard time maintaining my usual 5msgs/min backlog reading ratio. 
Here's how to make that easier (random order, top-of-head):

== Content ==

* Please trim your quotes when replying. (ie only include the relevant 
parts of a previous message, never someone's signature, etc etc);

* Please do not post messages whose main content is "me too" or 
"thanks"; if you really feel a strong urge to thank a developer send the 
message privately;

* Please add patches to bugzilla (or, in hopefully a week or two, to 
Jira) besides posting them to the list; this ensures they don't get lost;

* Writing short, concise e-mails is an art few of us have mastered well, 
but its usually appreciated;

* Please try to create and maintain seperate threads for seperate subjects.

== Formatting ==

* Please send text-only e-mails (small attachments should be okay);

* Please wrap your lines at 80 characters (or so, 72 is okay as well, 
just don't let them continue of the screen);

* Please use the indent quote functionality (ie prefix quotes using 
something like '> ').

== Subject lines / threading ==

* Please use as specific a subject line as possible. A subject of 
"merlin" or "cvs commit", for example, is not very clear;

* Please change the e-mail subject line when the thread subject changes, 
and please start a new thread (in most e-mail programs, copy paste the 
body of the message into a newly created message), making sure to refer 
to the new thread in the first message in some way (usually using (was: 
<blah>) on the subject line);

* Please prefix an e-mail subject line with [RT] if you're just 
philosophically babbling away, but please don't prefix an e-mail with 
[RT] if its about something concrete like implementation refactoring 
(patches get lost :D);

* Please prefix message subject lines that are only about a specific 
product with the name of the product, ie [merlin], [fortress], 
[cornerstone]. Please don't for messages that are actually about 
multiple products;'

* Please prefix message subject lines with [patch] if you're providing a 

* Please prefix message subject lines with [proposal] if you're making a 
concrete proposal;

* Please prefix message subject lines with [vote] if you're message is a 
call for a vote or a response to that; please remove the '[vote]' and 
start a new thread if you're starting new discussion related to a vote;

* Please include a question mark in your message subject line if you 
have a concrete question.

== Miscellaneous ==

* Please use as few cross-posts (messages sent to multiple mailing 
lists), and when you do, please indicate to which lists replies should 
be sent.

that's just a few of the many practices in place on most ASF mailing 
list. Yes, they should probably be documented somewhere :D


- Leo

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