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From peter royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [OT] keeping up with traffic (was: Re: [RT] Containers and Components Adapting to Environments)
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 12:00:35 GMT
On Nov 3, 2003, at 9:44 PM, Leo Simons wrote:
> Farr, Aaron wrote:
>> With the 'flurry of traffic' that's been going on recently, I can 
>> barely
>> keep up.  I think I completely missed this thread (looks like I at 
>> one point
>> read Berin's original [RT]).  I'm amazed that any of the subscribers 
>> can
>> keep on top of the deluge.
> I have 262 unread messages on avalon-dev atm. I think the only person 
> around who even comes close to reading everything is Steve, again, 
> atm. The trick is to figure out what needs reading. Usually, that 
> includes stuff with a [VOTE] or [ANN] in the subject. [RT], in 
> particular, can often be ignored.
> What also helps is people trimming quotes and rewriting subjects 
> (where appropriate :D).

and by starting new messages for new threads, rather than replying and 
changing the subject ;)

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