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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [repository] relativity theory
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 09:46:28 GMT

Have just completed some updates to the repo package that eliminate the 
issues I spoke about below. The underlying problem was related to an IOC 
violation - basically the implementation was using remotely resolved 
data to establish repositories to resolve subsequent data.  I have 
removed that code and basically pushing a number of classes to be fully 
IOC compliant - which translates to the explicit passing of remote 
repositories all the way through the system.  The test cases now pull in 
the initial bootstrap content from the local test repository and 
everyting is working fine.

Cheers, Steve.

Stephen McConnell wrote:

> Just a note concerning the most recent commit.  There is a problem in 
> that the current sandbox repository code related to a server side 
> caching policy is hosed.  I've manged to track things down to the fact 
> that the apparent remote resource we are accessing is not authorative 
> - but also that the resource in out classloader is more up-to-date ... 
> but the current code is not checking for timestamps of classloader 
> resources which means that either (a) the test case fails because I 
> introduced some breaking changes that have not been refected via 
> remote resource caches, or (b) I fudge the code to pull in old 
> resources and the test cases build (at least until the remote cache 
> undates).  Currently I'm fudging - but I'm looking into the problem - 
> so if you have problems building from sandbox/repo - at least you have 
> a clue as to the immediate issues.
> I.e. I figure we have two of three days delay sorting this one out.
> Stephen.
> mcconnell@apache.org wrote:
>>  This commit is kind of strange because it makes everything work (wrt 
>> test cases) but it is failed because it is hacking the fact that the 
>> ibiblio resouces are being cached and the local resources are more 
>> up-to-dste and we are not checking for this.  What this means is that 
>> the CVS will break in a few hours.


Stephen J. McConnell

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