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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject [repository] mime type addition?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 13:21:21 GMT

Have started some experimentation with content negotiation
and I think I need a mime type addition to server running

I have setup the following test content:


This contains a single jar file and a test file containing
metadata about the jar file.


I've also put together a little test case that creates a url
to the artifact http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/example
and then sets the "accept" request parameter to "text/x-meta".
Presumably the mime type used here ("text/x-meta") needs to be
declared on the Apache server with a mapping to the ".meta"

Does anyone know if this is something I can configure
in the enclosing directory - or do I need post a request to

Here is a fragment of the relevant java source:

   URL url = new URL( "http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/test/example" );
   URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
   connection.setRequestProperty( "accept", "text/x-meta" );
   getLogger().info( "input" );
   InputStream input = (InputStream) connection.getContent();
   Properties properties = new Properties();
   properties.load( input );

Without the mime mapping the above code will result in the stuffing
of the jar file into the properties file which is not exactly
what we want.

Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

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