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From Unico Hommes <un...@hippo.nl>
Subject Re: Avalon-Excalibur Release Plan
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 19:35:12 GMT

Leo Simons wrote:

> (replies to dev@avalon.apache.org only please!)
> Hi gang,
> I would like to get releases together for Excalibur-Component,
> Excalibur-Event, Excalibur-Sourceresolve, Excalibur-Store and
> Excalibur-XMLUtil. These packages are currently being used in a 'CVS
> snapshot' form by the cocoon project. I'm volunteering to be the release
> manager and coordinate these releases.
> Release candidates are available at
>     http://www.apache.org/~leosimons/dist-candidates/avalon/
> and will be periodically updated until no big blocker issues remain. I
> will also periodically post an overview of the remaining issues to the
> mailing list. I hope to have a final release ASAP, in time for the
> upcoming cocoon release. Issues will be tracked on the avalon
> development mailing list; everyone is requested to send details of any
> issues to the avalon development mailing list, as well as any patches
> and/or status updates.
> I am calling for volunteers to help fix remaining issues and test the
> release candidate quality and functionality. Note that all the people on
> the following list:
>   stefano,balld,ricardo,rubys,ben,zvia,giacomo,gears,bmclaugh,bloritsch,
>   rossb,jeremy,dims,ssahuc,prussell,cziegeler,mman,sylvain,vgritsenko,
>   haul,morrijr,crossley,ovidiu,tcurdt,gianugo,froehlich,huber,dirkx,
>   butlermh,nicolaken,ivelin,kpiroumian,shannon,proyal,stephan,coliver,
>   crafterm,acoliver,stevenn,bdelacretaz,mlangham,michaelm,jefft,pier,
>   bruno,asavory,ghoward,andreas,alexmc,egli,gregor,michi,edith,felix,
>   liyanage,memo,thorsten,joerg,upayavira,reinhard,ugo,gcasper,mpo,
>   antonio,tony,unico,jon,charlesb,bloritsch,ramc,leosimons,neeme,jefft,
>   giacomo,colus,rana_b,mirceatoma,cziegeler,froehlich,lmccay,leif,
>   mcconnell,leosutic,jrudd,morpheus,crafterm,vinayc,proyal,nicolaken,
>   huw,ymikulski,mschier,sylvain,atagunov,farra,hammett,akarasulu
> have full access to the avalon-excalibur CVS and are invited to commit
> to it directly to help fix all issues.

Are you sure? I tried to check out the code from eclipse and got:

: cvs server: failed to create lock directory for 
`/home/cvs/avalon-excalibur' (/home/cvs/avalon-excalibur/#cvs.lock): 
Permission denied
: cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository 

Any ideas?


> thanks in advance for your help!
> best regards,
> - Leo Simons

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