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From Shash Chatterjee <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: Merging plan (was Build process in maven?)
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 14:52:23 GMT
If it is useful for anybody, in Keel (http://www.keelframework.org) we 
have an Avalon script service, with two implementations of the service 
interface: Jelly and BSH (I have tested JavaScript, NetRexx, and TCL). 
I have attached the service interface.

This interface (as I would expect other similar services to do), exposes 
arbitrary objects to the underlying script engine.  Leo's concern in a 
separate post about the script causing havoc is very valid, depends on 
what is exposed!

On a separate but related topic, we seem to have the same needs and
also reinventing the wheel, given the number of Jelly service 
implementations we  have.  This is at least one of the major issues that 
COP was intended to solve, or so I thought!  We talk about component 
repositories, but I think something that might help is an Avalon/Apache 
hosted project of Avalon service interfaces (roles), that could then be 
augmented with a directory that would point to all the available 
implementations.  There are a plethora of "lightweight" IOC containers 
that can manage different components with varied configuration (i.e. 
instantiate a bean, provide different config to each instance), which 
Avalon can do as well.  But Avalon containers are among a much smaller 
set that allow looking up of multiple implementations of the same 
interface, as well as configuring them differently.  We should take more 
advantage of that, and avoid 1:1 relationships of 


Stephen McConnell wrote:

> David Worms wrote:
>> I have an updated version of jelly working inside Merlin. I'll be 
>> happy to share it. From what I remember, I haven't changed the code, 
>> just added meta information, separated in to maven project (api/impl) 
>> and added a simple test to it. 
> How about we put it in the sandbox?
> I'd like to take a loook at it.
> Steve.

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