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From <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Re: Status of Eclipse Repository Plug-In
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 03:25:29 GMT
> > I don't think I really understand.  Are you asking if this repository API
> > supports containers?  If so its just an API and you can use if for
> > anything.
> LOL, an API I can use for anything? Making coffee?

Sure if you want to but tell us how you did it ;-)

> I had a long conversation with Stephen yesterday. Long because there was some 
> complete short-circuit in communications, I didn't understand the current 
> concept, and he didn't see my angle, possibly because I used the wrong 
> wording.
> Finally, it came clear though; The API has a "Dependency View" and you need a 
> "leaf object" from which you can traverse the dependency graph.
> My angleis that I need a "Categorized View", where you have a "root object" 
> and can traverse (browse) a categorization tree.
> I think, the conclusion I made was that except for "domain" there is no 
> concept of categorization. But I could be wrong.
> What I am aming at is that the repository can be "Navigated" from a root 
> container. See attachment (also available at 
> http://niclas.hedhman.org/repository/rep-browser1.jpg ).

Ok the picture helps alot.  I don't know exactly how the Repository API can 
help.  Steve would have to step in and explain it if it can.  I am defering
the repository work to him.  Once he's finished I just want to embed merlin.

> > InitialRepositoryFactory l_factory = new InitialRepositoryFactory() ;
> > FactoryContext l_context = l_factory.getDefaultContext() ;
> > l_context.setCacheDir( "/opt/projects/repository" ) ;
> > Repository l_repository = l_factory.create( l_context ) ;
> > Note that the InitialRepositoryFactory could have taken a Jar
> > ArtifactDescriptor as a constructor argument.  The descriptor is used as an
> > alternative repository implementation to use instead of the defualt
> > implementaion which the code above uses.  This Repository object produced
> > in the end should be equivalent to your RepositoryAgent as I remember from
> > our previous conversations.

> Slightly different, due to the View aspect I tried to point out above.

Yes very different - the repository is just used to pull down objects.  However
the repository could be endowed with listGroups and listArtifacts methods to 
give you the listing your looking for.  Perhaps you can add it to it.  I 
don't think it would be hard to do.  

> I am also a bit "nervous" whether inter-repository dependencies are supported, 
> since that requires many Repository instances, and stronger Identification of 
> services and implementations.
> I'll probably get to this later...


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