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From dert ertytr <krage_2...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re:[RT] IoC Type Who Cares?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 01:54:55 GMT
Just want to share some ideas implemented in a
currently closed source container. The goal was to
allow components from different IoC “vendors” working
together. First of all, please note that so-called
type of IoC is a characteristic of a component not a
service. Meaning other components do not care what
type IoC this component employs. The important thing
is that after component installation the service
interface becomes available for utilization by other
components. And the container DOES NOT need to know
what IoC type each component uses and how component
starts and stops. The container needs to be aware of
services but not details of implementation! 

It was implemented with a wrapper around each
component instance. The wrapper implements a special
“agent” interface known to the container and exposing
component services via dynamic proxies.  So, for each
type of IoC, (even for components from very different
vendors), there is a dedicated wrapper, handling all
specifics of particular component type.

Each wrapper plugged into the container by a dedicated
“deployer” service. 
The profile under which the container starts defines a
set of  “deployer” services available after
microkernel has started.

Well, I guess what I wanted to point out here is it is
very flexible when the container manages services
rather than components. A kind of decoupling of wiring
services and lifecycle management.

If someone is interested, the container is planned to
go public under an open source license, probably, with
java 1.5 release.

Thanks for attention,

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