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From <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Status of Eclipse Repository Plug-In
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 20:23:29 GMT
> I have not yet got to the point to present the Attributes/Properties of 
> resources in the repository, nor drag-n-drop of components into project and 
> all the other really fancy stuff, but we'll get there eventually.


> Since there is a Repository spec going on, I thought that I should create the 
> RepositoryAgent & RepositoryAgentFactory for this implementation, as a show 
> case.
> Is there Directory/Container support in the spec?

I don't think I really understand.  Are you asking if this repository API supports containers?
 If so its just an API and you can use if for anything.  

> What is the thread and event model? 

No thread model and no event model.  Basically it's an API where you do the following to use
it.  BTW its based on the provider pattern:

InitialRepositoryFactory l_factory = new InitialRepositoryFactory() ;
FactoryContext l_context = l_factory.getDefaultContext() ;
l_context.setCacheDir( "/opt/projects/repository" ) ;
Repository l_repository = l_factory.create( l_context ) ;

Note that the InitialRepositoryFactory could have taken a Jar ArtifactDescriptor as a constructor
argument.  The descriptor is used as an alternative repository implementation to use instead
of the defualt implementaion which the code above uses.  This Repository object produced in
the end should be equivalent to your RepositoryAgent as I remember from our previous conversations.

Hope this helps but don't take it as the final word until verified by Steve because he's been
working on it more so lately since i have been away.  There may be subtle changes to the API
but it should mostly look the same.


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