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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Eclipse Plug-in
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 08:54:23 GMT

[On-list], as you (Stephen) recommended...


Since I didn't hear from you (Stephen), probably sleeping, I went a bit ahead 
on changing the package names after my own head.

The ServiceInfo, ComponentInfo, Compliance and Version interfaces has been 
moved to o.a.a.repository

The RepositoryAgent, RepositoryRegistry, the associated listeners, events and 
exceptions has been moved to o.a.a.repository.tools

The Eclipse plug-in view classes and interfaces has been moved to 

Hope this is better. Change again is not such a big deal, just shout.

I am now at the point of actually seeing something showing up in the Eclipse 
managed RepositoryView. Expect to have it nailed down in a few hours (but 
going out shortly, so somewhere tomorrow).
I have also been fooling around with the AssemblyEditor, so those trials will 
also be part of the initial package, together with other sample code, not 
much in use.

I will also try to add official support for adding RepositoryAgent types, 
through standard Eclipse mechanism called Extension Point. If I can't figure 
it out in 24 hours, it has to wait.


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