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From Alexis Agahi <a...@users.sf.net>
Subject Re: [RT] Merlin & Persistence (was: [RT] Component Persistence)
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 22:41:18 GMT
On Monday 03 November 2003 20:30, andreas oberhack wrote:


> It seems to me like "reimplementing" CMP, if you try to persist the User
> like that.

is there something wrong with this?

> But what if you think at an enterprise application with 500 or more
> domain classes? How should navigation between those objekts should be
> handled in your model? Like in EJB? Reading a key for looking up an
> other object? Whats about inheritance?

Ah :)
I was more thinking one, how would Steve propose to implement the finder 
method of Home interface. :)
Will the Home always required human-coded finder or will there be a sort of 
transparent magical trick to provide directy StorageImplem classes.

> I think it's a much better approach, to persist the objects like Stephen
> noted below and use such a bright tool like Hibernate.

Both could be used according to the devlopper needs.
I dont think we should say one is evil or not.

> I have implemented an Hibernate-Persistence-Service which deliveres the
> functionality through the merlin-context. All of the Hibernate
> interfaces are hidden, so that it should be very easy, to use just an
> other mapping tool too.
> I'll pack the code together and send it arround in the next days!

I'll be really happy to play with this stuff.


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