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From <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Re: cvs commit
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 21:49:55 GMT
> Some questions:
> * In the RepositoryLoader constructor your creating a temporary
>   boostrap directory relative to ${user.home}.  I was wondering
>   if it would be better to use ${java.io.tmpdir}?

Yeah I thought about that.  I wanted the security of the user's home directory rather than
somewhere public where the bootstrap jars can be replaced.  But anywhere is good for me -
did you have some reasons of your own for putting it into java.io.tmpdir?

> * Concerning ArtifactDescriptor - presumably this will be used
>   as an argument to the repository
>   e.g. repository.getArtifact( descriptor )?

Yes I have not gotten there yet.  I'm taking a step back to look over my path in the past
couple of days.  It feels ok.  I hope to have a staged bootstrapping mechanism functional
soon but I want to do it right.

> Finally, on RepositoryConfig - I think we should rename
> getLocalRepository() and setLocalRepository() to getCache() and
> setCache() respectively - just for clarity.

Yes that's good because after all we're caching repo files on local disk there it really does
not serve as a respo in the sense that an ibiblio does for example.  +1


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