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From "Jonathan Hawkes" <jhaw...@adsnm.com>
Subject AMMENDMENT: [proposal] Avalon Container Framework
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 15:50:56 GMT
Please remove the ServiceContainer.getServices() convenience method.  It
assumes too much.

public interface ServiceContainer
extends ServiceManager, Disposable {

    String ROLE = ServiceContainer.class.getName();

    Set getServiceRoles();

    ServiceConstructor getConstructor(String role);

    void registerService(ServiceConstructor sc)
      throws ServiceRegistrationException;

    void unregisterService(String role);

    /* BEGIN from ServiceManager **
    boolean hasService(String role);

    Object lookup(String role)
      throws ServiceException;

    void release(Object service);
    ** END from ServiceManager */

    // Uncertain about this method...
    // The List can be modifiable/unmodifiable
    List getChildContainers();

    void verify()
      throws ServiceResolutionException;

    // from Disposable
    void dispose();

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