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From "Eric Pugh" <ep...@upstate.com>
Subject RE: [repository] mime type addition?
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:46:45 GMT
I guess one reason though to explicitly load up example.jar and
example.jar.meta is that when I want to setup my own local repository it's
easy, all I need to do is have a working webserver.  additionally, if I want
my repository to be just a file system, then it is the same...

One of the nice things about the maven repository was that setting up our
own corporate one was dirt simple, and runs nicely on IIS.  As soon as you
need to configure meta mimetype you are going to have sysadmins telling you

Just something to keep in mind, and I'm looking forward to playing with your


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org]
> Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 3:59 PM
> To: Avalon Developers List
> Subject: Re: [repository] mime type addition?
> Alex Karasulu wrote:
> >Ok I'm a little dense so bear with me.  I see the webserver
> now recognizes
> >and sets the mime type based on the .meta file extension.
> Why is this so
> >significant to us?
> >
> It means that the client application (i.e. the repository
> implementation
> classes) can take advantate of the x-meta mime type.  Based
> on the user
> supply of a group and artifact we can make a request for the
> meta data
> without resorting to a url that exposes anything more than the fgroup
> and artifact.
> Specifically:
>     http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/test/example
> This url is sufficient for the retrival of the jar (a mime
> type) and the
> meta about the jar (another mime type). Instead of building
> an explict
> url to a <something>.meta - we can use HTTP content rules to
> get what we
> want (jar versus meta data about the jar).  This means that
> the question
> of how meta data is associated with an artifact is no longer a client
> concern - its a server implementation concern.
> >
> >Your example is also very confusing to me as well.  Can you
> explain it?  Why
> >would trying to get
http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/test/example work.  You
>only have the following in this directory:


The artifact url is  http://www.apache.org/~mcconnell/test/example

Relative to that artifact there are a number of resources that are
potentially resolvable - example.jar and example.jar.meta.  According o
the HTTP protocol spec we can set an "Accept" request property to guide
the server in terms of content negotiation.  I.e. the group/artifact is
sufficent with respect to url - the rest can be resolved using content
negotiation support.



(who is figuring this stuff out as he goes along).


Stephen J. McConnell

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