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From "hammett" <hamm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: distributed containers
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:20:06 GMT

> What we have now is "assurance of service availablility" before
> This is not service aquisition - its simply validation that a deployment
> scenario is viable.

Thats what I tried to say. But my bad english strikes again :-)

> In a distributed scenario this means that the container
> is still responsible for delegating that assurance responsibility towards
> one or more candidate providers (and by provider I mean some remote system
> that can provide a stateemment of assurance).

Yes, but not at start up. Thats is my point.

> My turn .... ummmm!

Grrrr! :-)

> There are a bunch of models that can be applied concerning service
> aquisition
> but at the end of that day, you have a link between a client and a
> server and
> you choose to manage that link or to leave it up to the component.
> Leaving it
> up to the component just results in more code in the component dealing
> remoteness considerations.

But I didn't say we should leave to the component the burden of remotenes.
I tried to say the client container shall not have a permanent link to one
or more servers. In this distributed environment stations could crash, get
rebooted, crash again - Windows!! - and the client should not rely on server

> We want to eliminate that - which means
> shifting
> monitoring and availablity management down into the container.

Yes, I agree we want to eliminate it, but we should try different heuristics
for that. One shall pick one that represents his environment.

> Technically it is dooable.  But there are a few prereqs we need to put in
> place inside Merlin concerning custom appliance establishment.  Once that
> is done, we will have the framework for experimentation.

'Dooable' is a real word? I must confess I spent some seconds trying to
figure it out  :-P

I'll play around with this idea this weekend - if I don't have to work - but
without merlin in the first moment (I'm not as familiar with merlin as I
want to be) then, after some brainstorms and RT we can plug it all together,
what do you think? ( No ummmmm, please! :-PP )


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