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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [site] mavenization in progress
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2003 15:32:16 GMT
J Aaron Farr wrote:
> Sorry this has taken me so long, but the next iteration of the revised
> site is up at http://cvs.apache.org/~farra/docs .

kudos to you! Everyone hates working on documentation :D

> - The release management page has never been finished.  Do we have
> 'official' documentation for this?

no. The summation of

         Paper based on the avalon-components releases

         Paper based on avalon adopting the mirroring guidelines

         Official how-to-mirror

         Brief how-to-verify-httpd releases

         Description of why verify

         Not much here except for pointers to other mirroring pages

         Stefan's useful how-to-mirror

         Wiki of how-to-verify and why verify

         How to do "releases" while in incubation

         Main entry point into the ASF dev-docus

         Main entry point into the HTTPD dev-docus

and similar fragments scattered throughout the ASF should be gathered, 
verified, generalized, spell-checked, formatted into an anakia document, 
then submitted as a patch (sent to infrastructure@apache.org) for the 
www.apache.org/dev site.

> - As soon as we have a JIRA module, I'm planning on moving the links
> from bugzilla to JIRA.  Any objections?


> - Can't find a good place to put the "Roadmap" document.  But it's seems
> outdated anyway.  Do we just want to use JIRA's roadmap features or does
> someone want to put together a more serious roadmap?

use JIRA, kill the old one.

> - framework/principals should be /framework/principles.
> - Still need to add the docbook and cgi stuff.
> - I'm hoping to keep the "news" section current.  I've also thought
> about putting together a somewhat monthly digest of major threads on the
> mailing lists.  It could be something we could send to the Apache
> newsletter.

that'd be an option, but I suggest that maintaining our own "news" 
channel is more work than we can do (long-term), so its better to just 
participate in the big newsletter.

> Thoughts?  Comments?

Keep up the good stuff! I know what an unthankful job website management 
is, and I really really appreciate other people doing the work ;)

more action items:

- disable forrestbot for avalon completely (dunno if its already done)

- figure out what version of maven is capable of generating our site and 
all subsites, then tell everyone (I've heard lots of things about 
various bugs)

- expand http://avalon.apache.org/components/ (like with your own stuff ;)


- Leo

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