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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Jetty-Phoenix
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 19:33:26 GMT
Timothy Bennett wrote:
> Howard and I have also discussed keeping the with Jetty (or at least
> co-hosted).  I believe Howard offered to speak with Greg about getting me
> committer rights to JettyPhoenix on the Jetty CVS server.  In light of the
> issues you've raised, then maybe keeping it at Jetty is the best solution.

it all depends on where the community for this component is. If the 
people that develop and use it are mostly avalon peeps, it probably 
makes sense to have it over here. If its Jetty peeps, it probably makes 
sense to keep it where it is now.

> I've got no problem going through incubation -- doing whatever is necessary
> and required.  I've also got no problem keeping it with Jetty.  I'd just
> like to see the component gain more visibility in the Avalon community, and
> it have the opportunity to grow and mature.  However that is accomplished is
> obviously left to others to decide.

remember you're a big part of the decision; this is a meritocracy :D

anyway, first things first! Obvious ways to gain a little visibility 

- put it up on the website. We're generally happy to apply patches that 
direct people at other stuff that's avalon-related

- talk about it on the mailing lists. The best way to get people to 
notice something is to chat about it a little, see if anyone picks up on 
yer lead. In general, feel free to send announcements to the dev and/or 
user lists whenever cool stuff is happening


- Leo

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