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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: CVS conflict on the download page
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 15:19:21 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> One solution would be for someone to do a clean checkout of the site into
>> the /www/avalon.apache.org directory.
> Sounds like a job for someone young enough to do this with no fear - and 
> smart enough not to screw it up.  The excludes me on two counts.  Leo - 
> what are you up this afternoon!

well, up to my neck into Analysis of Linear Systems, actually. Something 
ado with some guys named Cauchy, Lipschitz and Schwarz. Barring spelling 

Just did:

ssh leosimons@cvs.apache.org
cd /www/avalon.apache.org
mkdir ~/sitebackup
mv *download.* ~/sitebackup

(ie remove the files that caused conflicts then ran an update)

the log of that goes to http://avalon.apache.org/cvsuplog.txt, which no 
longer reports any conflict. However, that hasn't exactly improved 
things: download.cgi now redirects the user to www.apache.org/dist/. 
Therefore, I did a

ssh leosimons@cvs.apache.org
cd /www/avalon.apache.org
cp ~/sitebackup/* .

(ie copy back over those files that caused conflicts). I then tried
mkdir downloadtest
cd downloadtest
cp -r ../CVS .
cvs up

but that won't work because of the way the download script works (the 
mirror script being referred to has an absolute path programmed to 
/www/avalon.apache.org/download.html and I don't have karma for changing 

Someone or something broke the download script(s) and committed faulty / 
missing versions into CVS. The CVS log for avalon-site says:
mcconnell    2003/09/27 16:30:17

   Removed:     site     bindownload.html download.html srcdownload.html
   Remove generated content (sill experimenting to get this sorted out)
and some other stuff. Steve, what've you been up to?

AIUI, what is needed is for someone to commit a valid download.html file 
into avalon-site/site/, then

ssh cvs.apache.org
umask 002
cd /www/avalon.apache.org
mv download.html download.bak
cvs up *download*

gotta run!


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