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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: More patches
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 09:57:26 GMT

All patches applied.

aok123@bellsouth.net wrote:

>As I try to educate myself on the code base I can't help but remove those stupid import
statements.  You could probably just run a simple code formatter on it but I just did it by
hand.  Basically with a couple of exceptions all classes should come out with no warnings
in the default eclipse setup.
>Just for the heck of it I am attaching a check style configuration that maps to the Avalon
format defined on the Avalon website.  The LDAPd folks and I already based our checkstyle
on the Avalon format but added a couple of extras like a_ for method parameters, l_ for local
variables and s_ for non-final static variables.  Attached is the Avalon checkstyle configuration.
 If you guys want to use it your welcome to it.
>Again these changes are just aesthetic and not really worth a damn but I could not help
doing it while looking though.  The eclipse warnings kept naging me.
>Anyway the patches are attached for these changes.  The only non-asthetic changes I made
are described below:
>Non aesthetic Changes in activation-impl.patch:
>* DefaultServiceManager used deprecated ServiceException constructor (line 166)
>	- switched to String, String, Throwable version
>* DefaultBlock used round about way to make Thread sleep (line 664 & 599)
>	- replaced old way Thread.currentThread().sleep() with Thread.sleep() 
>          way
>Non aesthetic Changes in composition-impl.patch:
>* ContextTestCase used round about way to make Thread sleep (line 120)
>	- replaced old way Thread.currentThread().sleep() with Thread.sleep() 
>          way
>Non aesthetic Changes in kernel-unit.patch:
>* Did the same old thang with Thread.currentThread().sleep() in the unit test
>  package.
>Couple things left alone
> - Deprecated API usage in org.apache.avalon.meta.info.verifier.TypeVerifier 
>   left alone on lines 62, 95 and 239 for the use of the Recomposable interface
>   guess this is for legacy support.
> - Left CLI option handling in CLIKernelLoader alone because it was designed 
>   to operate that way.  Basically lines 625 -> 665 show warnings in eclipse 
>   for static method usage.  I actually like the way the OptionBuilder works 
>   with the return values it uses.
>P.S. As I progress in learning the code base I hope to contribute real patches that make
a difference.
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Stephen J. McConnell

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