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From Filip Defoort <fi...@cirquedigital.com>
Subject Re: [sandbox,merlin-servlet] missing Kernel.BASE_URL_KEY, DefaultLocator
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 08:04:26 GMT

I updated MerlinServlet and have a basic version of it running. One 
question though:

MerlinServlet used to set a getServletContext().setAttribute( "xxxx", 
m_kernel.getUrl() );
other classes like TestServlet and TargetTag were then using that value and
simply displaying it...
I guess I need to replace this by some system that passes the Kernel / 
Root Block(?) / Engine (?)
to the TestServlet and TargetTag so that these classes can lookup 
components and
use the result of operations on components in their output?
As simple as setAttribute("merlin-root-block", m_kernel.getRootBlock() ) 
and then
block.resolveAppliance("componentname") ? Still a bit confused on what 
is what
in Merlin ;-)

Couple of things I came across during the update:
- in DefaultEmbeddedKernel, getSystemRepositoryDirectory() relies only 
on System.getProperties(),
there's no way to pass in an argument of some sort (via the Map()); this 
forced me to do an
    system.setProperty( "maven.repo.local", 

- in DefaultKernelContext: give a NullPointerException if 
merlin.base.dir is not given.
Bit surpised about this, was expecting to default to the current working 

So far, so good :-)

- Filip

Stephen McConnell wrote:

> MerlinServlet  was a first cut an embedding using version 2.1. Its way 
> out of date and should be dropped - but I've left it around
> in sandbox because it was example that handled some of the
> web.xml things.
> Steve.
> Filip Defoort wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was playing around with the MerlinServlet to get an idea of how 
>> Merlin can
>> be embedded, but it won't compile for the moment: initially complaining
>> about a missing ../../project.xml, which I then linked to 
>> ../../../../avalon/merlin/project.xml;
>> then complaining about Kernel.BASE_URL_KEY and DefaultLocator and the 
>> likes...
>> I'm guessing that the MerlinServlet would need to be updated to use the
>> DefaultEmbeddedKernel iso doing the stuff directly as it's doing now ??
>> Thanks,
>> - filip
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